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S.boonyapan was founded in 1990 in Bangkok, Thailand, with its headquarters in Minburi. The company started with the goal to provide superior support products to help improve the quality of life for people of any age. With over 30 years of experience, we have been able to successfully streamline our production and generate high-quality service and products from raw materials to prototyping and product development.

Our product range has grown with time, starting from cotton gauze bandages to supports, medical compression stocking and orthopedic supports. Thailand has a strong history of weaving and garments, therefore as a local we are able to harvest the best raw materials to harness their highest potential. We employ over 80 amazing staff members who work with us diligently for more than 25 years. With great skill and industry know-how S.boonyapan promises to delivery excellent service on a wide range of sport and orthopedic products for our clients.

We believe in excellence and strive to deliver high quality products, with internationally recognized, ISO certified 9001, ISO 13485


Meet The Team

Ruangsak Boonpun

Founder - CEO

With more then 30 years in the garment and medical support industry Ruangsak Boonpun is a visionary and leader in the field of orthopedic support garment innovation.

Theia Gingkwan Boonpun


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Head of operations and company management, with a strong background in biotechnology , medical diagnosis and business marketing.

Narumon Ngamsombat


Narumon has over 25 year  of financial experience working in in various fields including procurement, accounting and human resources.

Doungkamon Yamthai


Donchanok has been working in sales and CRM for over 15 years and is an expert in customer relations and client relationships.